10 Best Body Toning Exercises for Females

Many women find it difficult to lose those extra inches after several months of hard work in the gym. Some target to fit back in their swim suits and some do it for competitions. Reasons might be different but the goal is to lose the fat as soon as possible especially in the inner thighs and hips. To add to this, the dream of having a flat stomach is always at the back of all women’s minds. Let us bring forward 10 best body toning exercises for all the females out there.

10 Best Workouts for Body Toning

Read these workouts carefully and apply them in your day to day activities and feel a difference within a month. We do not give false guarantee. It will take a full month to shape up if you are exercising twice a day and eating healthy. Do not forget the rule for fitness: 80% diet and 20% physical activity.

1. Single Leg Dead lift

Single Leg Dead lift Image source: pinterest.com

This exercise helps to tone the glutes. You simply have to stand on your leg, pushing your right leg backward in such a way that your upper body is bending and is parallel to the floor. You may also use dumbbells for this workout to quicken the fat loss process.

2. Side Plank

Side Plank Image source: skimble.com

Are you having trouble correcting that waistline full of tyres? This is the perfect workout to shape up your waistline. You have to lie down with your left elbow facing the ground. Slowly, with your elbow on the ground, lift your knees and make it face the elbow 30 degrees above the floor. Your body will be in an oblong shape. Remain there for few seconds. Do the same with the right elbow.

3. Push Up

Push Up

This is a very common exercise which works best for the core. You have to place both your hands on the ground with your head facing the floor. Slowly lift your body up with the help of your hands and your feet glued to the floor. Make sure that your hips are lifted whenever you are performing push-ups.

4. Second Position Plies

Second Position Plies Image source: popsugar.com

This exercise is best to lose the stubborn fat under the inner thighs. You have to squat in a 180 degree position. Well, it is not as tough as it sounds. Squat with both feet apart and place your hands on your waist and go down as much as you can and come back again in a standing position. Repeat it for 5 minutes to feel a difference.

5. Cardio Intervals

Cardio Intervals

This means to include any HIIT (high Intensity Interval Training) workout in your fitness schedule. You can use jump rope, treadmill or even a bicycle for the same. Do it for 30 minutes to see maximum results. This will result in a fast burning of calories.

6. Triceps Extension

Triceps Extension Image source: justbbeautiful.com

Are you looking to tone your broad shoulders and triceps? Try Triceps Extension. You will be requiring dumbbells for this workout. You have to be in a lunge position with one dumbbell at your waist and the other hand with the dumbbell extending at the back. Repeat the same with the other hand and see the magic within a month.

7. Step Ups

Step Ups Image source: justbbeautiful.com

If you want to do all the mentioned exercises, you need strong legs. For maintenance of strong and beautiful sling legs, perform the step up either on a stair, a bench or a step up gym equipment. All the best!

8. Bridge

Bridge Image source: bridgegardenpicture.blogspot.com

This exercise not only helps to keep the core fit but also keeps your back healthy. Your back can rest on a matt and your knees bent. You have to lift your body upwards with the legs glued to the floor. Return in a resting position after few seconds.

9. Plank with Arm Raise

Plank with Arm Raise Image source: greatist.com

This workout boosts your confidence, increases your height and strengthens your core. You have to simply perform a plank with one arm raised and stretched forward. Perform the same with the other hand.

10. Shoulder Stand

Shoulder Stand Image source: yogamagazine.com

Last but not the least, sweat more and lose more with the Shoulder Stand workout where you have to lift your lower body with the help of your hands in a lying down position. It is called as a shoulder stand exercise as all your weight is supported by your shoulders which act like stands to the body.