4 factors to consider when buying a mass gainer

Mass gainers are a blessing for people who are looking forward to change their physique from thin to muscular. Though exercise plays a crucial role in sculpting your body, the supplements complement your workout and fulfil the nutritious needs of your body to cope-up with extensive training schedules.
With so many lean mass gainer protein options in market, it becomes challenging to choose the best one. Before you choose your mass gainer supplement, you need to know about mass gainers in detail. Here’s a look:

What does mass gainer do to your body?

Mass gainers are ideal for people who can’t get enough calories, carbs, and proteins for building adequate muscles. Mass gainers provide extra calories along with proteins, carbs, and good fats in an easy to mix shake. These nutrients make a difference in your strength, stamina, and size.

How to choose the right mass gainer?

The objective of choosing a mass gainer is to find a supplement that will fuel your muscle gain and not fat gain. Thus, for a person trying to build muscle should stay away from burgers, donuts, pizzas, and other types of fattening foods. The calories should come from high-quality nutrients like proteins, good fats, complex carbs, minerals, and vitamins.

1. Ratio of protein and carbs:

Proteins are important to build muscles and complex carbs offer a steady source of energy. The energy will help in coping up with the extensive workout regimen. The ratio of protein to carbs should be between 1:3 and 1:5. Your supplement must offer the required protein from a blend of milk, casein, and whey proteins.

2. Digestive enzymes:

Yet another factor to look for when choosing a mass gainer is that is should consist of digestive enzymes as they reduce the side effects of a mass gainer like bloating and unpleasant sensations. It also makes sure that the carbs are get digested and absorbed in the body. Usually, increasing the calorie consumption makes it difficult to digest the extra food.

3. Does it have multivitamins?

Multivitamins are essential for a body builder as they helps in building energy and immunity. Especially B Vitamins play a crucial role in converting the foods into energy. If you are a regular at gym, you certainly need more energy to push for extra repetitions.

4. Sugar content in mass gainer:

The mass gainer that you choose should not contain excessive sugar. If your supplement contains more than 6 gram sugar in a 100 gram serving, it indicates that the mass gainer has excessive sugar. After all, you are paying for nutrients and not sugar. Before you buy a supplement, carefully check the label.

5. Does it have creatine?

The mass gainer must have creatine in it as it offers energy for lifting sessions. It is impossible to build muscle mass without working out intensely. Creatine helps in pushing your limits.
These useful tips will help in buying the best mass gainer for your body building requirement. But, a healthy meal and workout are equally important as only supplements can’t work wonders on your body.