5 Best Foods For Gym Freshers

Have you just started working out? Congratulations and welcome to the fitness world. Since diet has a major role to play for a good health, it is important to know which foods will nourish your body providing correct nutrients to help achieve your fitness goal.
Let us now read about the 5 best foods which need to be present in the beginning of your fitness journey.

1. Low Fat Milk and Milk Products

Low Fat Milk and Milk Products

Milk is considered to be an almost complete food. It contains high quality proteins consisting of 20% whey protein and 80% casein protein. Whey is easily digested as compared to casein. In addition, milk is a rich source of calcium which is important for strong bones. A high protein diet is required in an active lifestyle to maintain the positive nitrogen balance.
Milk and its products can be consumed 40 minutes before workouts in the form of a shake, plain, flavored or as per choice. It can also be consumed early morning to build up protein stores in the body. However, if someone is lactose intolerant or gluten intolerant, the diet cannot fulfill the nutritional requirements of the body, in such cases, supplements can be taken. The best gym supplement for beginners is whey protein.

2. Tofu


Tofu is another high protein vegetarian food item; an alternative for a non- vegetarian protein source. This product contains a high profile of amino acids and iso flavones. It is known for the growth of muscles especially helps to prevent soreness in the muscles after a very intense workout.
The best time to consume tofu is as a post workout meal to help in the muscle recovery process.

3. Fruits & Nuts

Fruits & Nuts

If muscle gain is your target, then definitely include bananas and apples. Fruits are required in the diet as they are high in fiber thus preventing hunger pangs and secondly they are rich sources of vitamins and minerals especially vitamin C which is present in ample amounts in citrus fruits. A combination of these nutrients promote lean muscle mass. Fruits can be consumed as a mid-morning snack or as a pre workout snack.
On the other side, nuts are sources of good fat required for the proper metabolism of the body. They help to increase the immunity and at the same time providing the body with essential fatty acids required for the brain. The best time to consume them is as a post workout snack to provide you with extra calories. The great advantage of eating nuts as a snack is that it is portable and can be easily carried practically everywhere you go.

4. Beans, Legumes and Leafy Vegetables

Beans, Legumes and Leafy Vegetables

Beans are a boon for the gastro intestinal tract and help to boost the insulin response helping in a healthy muscle growth simultaneously increasing the absorption rate of nutrients. Relish beans along with whole cereals to benefit from complementary proteins; e.g. brown rice with chickpea. Some commonly consumed legumes are rajma, sem phalli, kabuli chana, kali urad, soyabean, lobiya, masoor and matar. The best time to consume legume is during the lunch time.
Leafy vegetables are important for muscle gain and without vegetables; a balanced diet loses its nutritive value. Leafy greens, such as lettuce and spinach are rich sources of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and folic acid; all of them help in the reduction of muscle inflammation and prevent the flow of free radicals in the blood acting as antioxidants. The best time to consume leafy vegetables is in lunch or dinner time.

5. Brown Rice

Brown Rice

Rice is a staple cereal of an Indian diet. It is difficult to opt this food out of the diet. There is however an alternative to it: brown rice. Brown rice consists of complex carbohydrates that are slowly digested and gives a feeling of fullness. Fifty to sixty percent of your total calorie consumption should be coming from complex carbohydrates. The best time to consume brown rice is during lunch time before your workouts.