5 Principles For Losing Fat

There are many principles for losing body fat. You might have gone across a lot of websites for the same. However, there are many wrong guidances regarding fat loss.
Fat is stored as adipose tissues under the skin and can be seen as cellulite marks when skin stretches to adjust the excess fat deposited. Fat is deposited only when there are too much glycogen stores in the body, so the excess glycogen is converted to fat.
Presenting you few easy steps to lose body fat effectively:

Five Principles for accelerating the fat loss process

1. Consume lesser than you burn

Consume lesser than you burn

When you consume less food than you actually burn you will never gain fat but burn fat instead. The concept is very simple. Food provides us with energy. If energy input is less than energy output, one will lose overall weight. A good way to consume fewer calories is to actually count the number of calories you are eating and controlling your portion size. It is a good practice to reduce 200 to 500 calories from your diet every day and instead of consuming oily foods, opt for fresh fruits and salads.

2. Consistency is the best policy

Consistency is the best policy

Consistency is when you are true to your diet and yourself. Be honest to yourself and set a target to achieve your goal. Eating bulk quantities of food items and going for jogging the next day will not resolve the problem of fat accumulation. You have to understand that fat loss is a slow process and sticking to healthy foods such as whole grains, cereals, fresh fruits, vegetables, few nuts and lots of fluids. For protein requirements, the best protein for muscle gain and fat loss is MightyX Anabolic Mass Gainer.

3. Eat Nutritious Foods

Eat Nutritious Foods

The market is full of a variety of food items ranging from fresh, seasonal fruits to donuts, apple pies, fish curries, etc… To stay lean it is important to note one point. The less processed a food is, the higher its nutritive value. For example: canned pineapples contain high amount of sugar in the form of syrup. On the contrary, try consuming a fresh pineapple; you can taste the difference yourself. You can occasionally relish processed foods but read the labels before buying and look for less fat, less sugar and less sodium food items.

4. Physical Activity

Physical Activity

Losing fat is a slow and complicated process requiring attention to your lifestyle. Conducting 45 minutes of extensive cardio exercises will not burn your fat completely. Do a variety of exercises such as weight training, resistance training and cardio to maintain your muscle mass not affecting your hormones.

5. Hydration


Hydration is primordial for fat loss process. The more water you consume, the more you will sweat. The excess glycogen stores will be depleted to provide instant energy and thereby helping in the fat burn. In addition, if you are taking high amounts of fiber in the form of fruits and vegetables and your water intake is less, you might suffer from constipation and dehydration. Consumption of 2 to 3.5 liters of water is safe for you.