Anabolic mass gainers - Why Important?

What are Anabolic Mass Gainers?

  • Anabolic mass building is simply defined gaining weight and converting it to muscles.
  • Lifting weights alone is not going to do the trick; unless you pack in more weight you’re not going to bulk up, something that anabolic mass gainer can do.
  • Under ordinary situations, you will only put on fat when you eat, but a mass gainer will be different as your body receives mass which is used for muscle building.
  • By taking these mass gainers on a regular basis, you will notice a significant difference in your physical strength as it tones the muscles.
  • Working out, lifting weights and staying on a healthy diet are essential for getting into shape and building muscles, but they can only go so far when it comes to adding bulk to your body.
  • By taking a supplement to gain mass, you will overcome the limitations that come with dieting and working out and allow you achieve optimum results.

Benefits of Anabolic Mass Gainer

  • Anabolic Mass Gainer is a scientifically engineered anabolic mass accelerator which consists of superior quality easily absorbable protein delivering muscle boosting nutrients to the muscles faster and more effectively leading to jacked up size and strength.
  • Anabolic Mass Gainer has been specifically formulated in the ratio of Carbs / Fat / Protein used by professional body builders.
  • It enriches anabolic drive & lean muscle mass by increasing muscle protein synthesis and preventing muscle protein breakdown.
  • Nitrogen rich protein keeps the body in positive nitrogen balance, thereby repairing muscle tissue better and faster.
  • Creatine boosts explosive power and strength into the muscles to increase intensity of workouts.
  • L-Glutamine help tired muscles to recover quickly from intense workouts. Glutamine also makes excess nitrogen available to the muscles for faster & denser muscle growth.
  • Antioxidants protect cells from oxidation and neutralize unstable free radicals. Antioxidants also boost immunity and help to stay & look younger.