Can a Pre-Workout help you Boost Your Performance

A Pre-Workout is any supplement which can be in the form of powder mix/liquid or gel form that claims to boost the workout performance only if consumed before a physical workout. Some pre-workout supplements have carbohydrates added while some are calories and Carbs free. Most of them contain caffeine and ingredients such, beet juice, or amino acids such as arginine, citrulline, and ornithine to increase blood flow to your muscles. All these ingredients are added for the sole purpose of increasing muscle and tissue growth.

Benefits of a Pre-Workout Supplement

1) Supports in the production of Energy

A great pre-workout supplement gives ample amount of energy. How? Most pre-workout supplements contain caffeine. This magical ingredient supports the availability of energy in the cells and restores energy in the form of ATP in the muscles providing endurance during your workouts.

2) Increases the Blood Flow

A great pre-workout supplement improves the blood flow to the muscles and throughout the body so that waste products can easily flush out in minimum time and vasodilation occurs whereby the nitric oxide cycle improves the production of energy in the presence of oxygen allowing effective muscle recovery.

3) Promotes the tolerance of Lactate

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid which reduces the perceived intensity of exercise and does not make you feel exhausted easily after intense workouts. A pre-workout usually tolerates lactate. Now work-out as much as you want.

4) Repairs cells at a Fast Speed

A great pre-workout supplement ensures fast recovery from muscle tear and wears which occurs during the course of a training session. When the muscles recover quickly, one can easily go back to the training sessions and kick start again to boost one’s performance.

5) Improves Concentration Power

A great pre-workout supplement helps you stay focused. It provides caffeine which helps you concentrate better on your workouts enhancing your mood and helping you stay focused completely on your goal. It increases your will power and gives you the confidence to do your best in your field of work.

Such a pre-workout Supplement in the form of a powder mix is MightyX Enemy K10 Pre-workout which is especially formulated to provide explosive energy for both short term and long term physical workout in the gym or on the ground. It helps to push your workout beyond your limits and attain the best out of you. This supplement is composed of several ingredients such as caffeine and beta-alanine that work together to ignite your training sessions. It enables to achieve peak performance and efficiently; allowing you to train both harder, longer and achieve your goals faster.

Directions for Using Pre-workout Supplements

To prepare one serving of Pre-workout, add 200 ml of water and mix with 1 scoop of the Pre-workout supplement in a shaker. Shake well before drinking. It is highly not recommended to drink pre-workout four hours before sleeping. Be careful to store it in a cool and dry place away from reach of children.