Get set for the party season with mass gainers!

Yes, with the festive season and the party season coinciding in the coming months, mass-gainers are seeing a surge in popularity both in retail stores as well as on the web. High queries on search engines for mass gainers mean just one thing that they are the super-foods of the future. Power packed with whey protein supplements, they deliver just the right kind of muscle mass or should you say ‘meat on the bones that looks irresistible in both men and women.

Why you need them in this season?

It’s a small world that is getting smaller with social media. With the extended party season in the last quarter of the year coinciding with festivals; looking good is not an option but a compulsion. Else be ready for snide remarks on social media. Men and women are used to looking fit bodies on social media and love handles, belly fat gets the stick-on Facebook, Instagram. Even Kate Winslet got the stick for her weight in titanic. You need to look your best always in every party. After all, make up pressures take their toll on women while men struggle to keep up with their beautiful wives. Mass gainers act as a catalyst in the quest for looking good.

The basics you need to know about mass-gainers!!!

It is one of the best high quality nutritional supplements that you will find in the market consisting of a fine blend of proteins and carbohydrates. Its basic function after getting assimilated in the human body is to offer enough macro-nutrients for muscle growth. It controls the build-up of body fat at a work out. it helps release the energy in the cells to relieve muscle fatigue post a workout. Intense weight training sessions get better as it even contains vitamins. You can consume mass gainers either with water, milk or as a milk-shake by blending it in a blender.

Exercise gets easy with whey

The wear and tear that your body undergoes during an intense work-out combining cardio, weight-lifting, weight training gets healed through the consumption of mass- gainers. Mass-gainers have branched chain amino acids that supply essential amino acids to the body. Some of these mass gainers have Digezyme, a multi enzyme blend that helps in enhancement and absorption of nutrients. Proteins and carbohydrates are combined in a ratio of 1: 3 and the recommended dosage for medium intensity workouts is 3 servings of 75 gms with 180 ml milk per serving. It tastes delicious no matter which form you consume it. And you are sure to get addicted to it. Even your spouse will gain from it as women like to be curvy and voluptuous these days. They won’t develop muscles as their hormones are different from men, but mass-gainers will really add the confidence, bounce in the step and smile on your face, once you make it a habit. Waste no time…order online today and make the winning choice that will transform your mind, body and soul.