Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

These days, being underweight a major health concern. Being too skinny can have a multitude of health concerns, same as obesity. But, gaining weight is not the dream of only people who are underweight. Many individuals who aren’t clinically underweight desire to gain some extra weight and muscles. It doesn’t really matter if you are clinically underweight or not, the struggles of gaining muscle weight are the same.
To see visible results in a few months, we are going to mention some of the healthy ways of gaining weight.

  • Don’t leave your stomach unattended for more than four hours: This is very important if you are trying to gain weight. Your body will require a constant energy supply, similar to an engine. All your body organs are working continuously. So, when you skip a meal, you are depriving your body of the necessary fuel that will help in keeping the body running. By eating regular meals between three or five hours, you will be able to prevent the loss of important tissues. Consistency is the key to weight gain.
  • Try to eat many foods at the same time: You should aim to include three food groups in your meals at least. Rather than going for a few nuts or a banana, add some almond butter and whole-grain toast slices as well. Including skim milk or any milk substitute will also be great. Having a meal with a wide variety will supply your body with a lot of nutrients.
  • You need to eat a lot of protein: If you are looking for healthy weight gain, you will need protein. Muscles are made up of proteins which prevent the conversion of extra calories into body fat. Maintain a balanced intake of protein in your diet, which may include foods like nuts, legumes, dairy products, eggs, fish, and meats. You can also combine diet protein with weight gainer supplements to help you with the weight gain.
  • You should eat healthier and dense foods: Rather than going for huge food quantities, you should opt for food that is rich in nutrients even in a small serving. A great example would be dried fruits. You can add extra nourishing with some fold rolled oats, almond butter, and dark chocolate chips.
  • You should try drinking your food: Liquids are not as filling as compared to solid food. Hence, they are great when you want to gain weight without having to feel bloated or stuffed. Go for organic skim milk, smoothies, 100 per cent fruit juice, or other milk alternatives.
  • You might want to consider eating right before going to bed: As a lot of our body’s repair, regeneration, and healing takes place when we are sleeping, it is great to supply your body with a healthy snack for fresh nutrient supply.

For some people, it can be very difficult to gain weight. Hence, you should be patient. Always remember consistency and balanced meals arethe keys to long-term success.