List of five Incredible Benefits of BCAA

Whether you are an athlete or an avid gym goer, it is essential for you to feed your muscles with the right protein, so you gain lean muscle mass instead of having them break down post a strenuous workout session. Our body is, however, designed to synthesize only certain type of non-essential amino acids. The essential amino acids, which construct complex protein components, are absorbed by our body from what we put into our mouths. This brings us to branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) which comprises three essential amino acids - valine, isoleucine, and leucine. You can give your body the best mass gainer for lean muscle in the form of BCAA supplements. We have listed down some of the incredible benefits of BCAA when you consume it in the form of healthy supplements.

1. Prevents Muscle Cessation

Your body sources energy from the essential amino acids you consume and uses it for healing and building healthy muscles post workout. When you deprive your body of these essential amino acids after a workout, your body starts breaking down tissues instead of building them. So, all the work you have put while in the gym goes to waste.

2. Accelerates Protein Synthesis

Post workout your body goes into a catabolic phase where it breaks down larger molecules fats and carbs which is what we want. But, it also starts breaking down protein molecules from the tissues which we absolutely do not want. This is when the leucine in the BCAA supplements comes to your rescue. It works as a superhero and switches your body into an anabolic phase. Protein synthesis is accelerated by your body as soon as it goes into the anabolic phase. It also helps your body at absorbing protein better and producing growth hormones which aid in healing and strengthening your muscles.

3. Reduces Fatigue

The valine in your BCAA supplements is a warrior that fights with tryptophan to reach the same receptors in the brain. Tryptophan is the culprit which is eventually converted into serotonin that makes you snooze and feel fatigued. Tryptophan is released in an enormous amount when you work out, but the valine in your supplement will keep you energized for longer workout sessions.

4. Helps you lose fat

The isoleucine in your BCAA supplement helps in glucose uptake in your body while the valine is converted into glucose in your liver. This gives you a lot of energy but what is impressive about isoleucine is that it helps the glucose to travel to the cells and provide it instant energy but does not store the glucose within the cells. The stored glucose is exactly what turns into stubborn fat that you want to bust.

5. Improves appetite

When you are building muscles and working out rigorously, it is extremely important to have a healthy diet to fuel your body for the workouts and the healing that follows. BCAA has shown to improve appetite which helps is essential to have a healthy body.
Do not go by our words only. You can see the positive results yourself once you start taking BCAA supplements. However, make sure to compliment it with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and workout.