List of Foods with Essential Amino Acids

The human body needs 20 amino acids, but 11 of them are non-essential because the body can produce them on its own. Protein and amino acids share a stable relationship. Consuming a healthy protein diet in the right amount helps in strengthening the organs, skin, hair, and body. Therefore, amino acids are found in many of the protein-rich food as well as animal sources. Plant sources are also present when it comes to amino acids. Therefore, people who follow a vegetarian diet do not have to worry. Amino acids are unknown to people, especially who regularly workout. Excluding that 11 There are nine essentials amino acids that our body needs externally with the help of foods.

The names of the nine essential amino acids are:

Phenylalanine  Histidine  Valine 
Tryptophan Isoleucine  Threonine 
Lysine  Methionine  Leucine 

Foods Rich in Amino Acids

Animal Sources –

  • Dairy products – Milk is known for being a good source of protein. Parmesan or Swiss cheese also offers about 9 to 10 grams of protein. Therefore, it has a good amount of essential amino acids to provide.
  • Eggs –Eggs provide a good amount of amino acids. A regular sizes egg contains about 6 grams of protein, which is a great way to start breakfast.
  • Seafood – Many sea fishes contain essential amino acids. The tops ones include sardines and prawns. They also offer low-fat and heart-friendly benefits apart from the essential amino acids. Some of the other seafood items include tuna, salmon, cod, and tilapia. Many also like having scallops as they also contain vitamin B12.
  • Red Meat – Another great source of amino acids would be red meat and its products. It offers the highest source of amino acids. Lamb contains selenium, zinc, and omega-3 which is also crucial for maintaining a healthy.
  • Poultry – Chicken is another source of amino acids. It also contains selenium and niacin after protein. Turkey is also among those that offer several essential amino acids to the body. It generally provides up to 25 to 28 grams of protein to the human body.

Plant Sources –

As mentioned earlier, many plant sources also provide protein to the body. Make sure you have all these foods at your home.

  • Foods that are rich in Isoleucine include chia seeds, cabbage, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, blackberries, quinoa, hemp seeds, brown rice, spinach, lentils, cashew, rye, and soybean. Soybeans are a great source of amino acids. They are also rich in vitamin E, protein, and minerals like zinc.
  • For Methionine, the foods include raisins, beans, legumes, cacao, figs, wheat, oats, onions, and whole grain rice. The amino acid is necessary for producing sulphur in the body as well.
  • Foods like peanuts, leafy greens, olives, seaweeds, avocados, and spirulina. This particular amino acid is necessary for aiding thyroid hormones which have a role to play in managing brain fatigue and depression.

It is important to remain mindful of these foods in the animal and plant categories to consume a healthy and balanced diet.