Myths behind Whey Protein for Women

Men have ruled the fitness industry for a very long time. It is not shocking to see women giving an equal competition to men in the Fitness Industry. They are also looking for a perfect body thus hitting the gym every day. We all know that with intense workouts, muscles get damaged letting them sore and the feeling of exhaustion follows.
To stop this feeling, one needs whey protein for the instant repair of the damaged tissues. Seemingly, women fear consuming whey protein due to many myths. Let us find out what are these myths and their explanation from the fitness experts.

Myths to Whey Protein by Women

Everyone is health conscious but when it comes to a fitness regime, one thinks twice before consuming anything foreign to the body. Women have few doubts concerning the consumption of whey protein. They are

#1 Whey Protein would increase my testosterone levels

Testosterone levels are found not only in men but women as well, it is just that they are in lesser amounts in females. The latter is responsible for the development of muscles.
These levels majorly increase due to a high consumption of carbohydrates and fats. It has nothing to do with a high protein diet. On the other hand, protein would help to maintain the testosterone levels at normal levels.

#2 Whey Proteins only for training sessions

The minimum requirement of protein for an average woman is 56 g per day. Whenever one is doing exercises, the muscles are getting damaged drastically affecting the total muscle mass. Moreover, if the diet is not sufficient in proteins, whey proteins will fulfill the daily requirement providing high quality protein in sufficient amounts. For example, consuming one protein shake can be a good replacement for a quarter of your daily protein requirements especially if you have skipped your meals.

# 3: Whey protein powders can cause kidney related health issues

In any way it is not recommended to consume a rich protein diet during renal problems. However, 0.8 g per body weight is an acceptable amount for such health related issues. Therefore, taking whey proteins will suffice the protein requirement. It is always best to consult the doctor before consumption of any supplement.

# 4: Consuming Whey protein will increase my weight and give a bulky look

Whey proteinconsumption increases the lean muscle mass which means that you will still b lean and look lean but gain muscle mass to give you an edge to your workout performance. Additionally, whey protein will decrease the carbohydrate cravings in between the meals and you can easily avoid snacking helping to reduce weight and give you the perfect curvy body you desire. To add to all the benefits, whey protein consists of a pool of amino acids which provides all the essential amino acids in appropriate amounts to fulfill your protein requirements. You do not have to worry about whey protein consumption. It is one of the richest sources of proteins which can be taken in variety of ways such as shakes, muffins, biscuits, oat porridge, etc…