Top 4 Benefits of Casein

If you have dedicated yourself in being the fittest version of yourself, then you are probably no stranger to working out rigorously and regularly for those gains along with keeping a close eye on what you put into your mouth. Apart from maintaining a steady, healthy lifestyle, you should also focus on consuming quality protein to achieve your dream body. While you might be feeding your muscles with wholesome whey proteins, you might have never really thought about adding casein into your diet. Let us throw some light on this secret potion of every bodybuilder and discuss a few of its benefits.

1. Casein stays longer in your system

Every protein has its unique quality, and casein’s strength lies in the fact that it is a slow digesting protein. While your body tries to digest this protein slower than others, it releases a slow and steady flow of amino acids in your bloodstream for your muscles to absorb. This has made casein the infamous “consume right before bed” kind of protein. Your muscles heal and build very efficiently while you sleep at night. However, if you deprive your body of the protein it needs to get enough energy to build your muscles then it may not only starve but also result in the breakdown of your tissues. So, consuming a rich casein component is essential for your sore muscles.

2. Improved metabolism

Since casein can take as long as up to 8 hours to get completely digested by your system, it does not let your body starve and keeps you full for a long period. This, in turn, boosts your metabolism by not letting your body go into a fat storage state which is quite a common phenomenon when people try to control their diet.

3. Improve your recovery

When you make your body go through regular strenuous workout session, your muscles get microscopic tears in them when heals eventually. And, this cycle of tearing and healing is what gives you your gains. However, it is of extremely essential that you provide your muscles with enough nutrition to go through the healing process comfortably and quickly. When you consume the right kind of protein it breaks down into essential amino acids which give your muscles energy. When you consume casein protein between meals and before sleep, it makes sure to release protein continuously and speed up your healing process. This ensures that you do not let your muscles starve even when you are not eating continuously.

4. Promotes dental and bone health

Casein is also a rich source of calcium, phosphate and hydroxide. These components are essential to maintaining good dental health by protecting and strengthening the teeth’s enamel again acidic erosion, decay and damage. It is equally good for strengthening your bones due to its high calcium content.
So, if you are a serious fitness enthusiast or a sporty athlete, then do not forget to add casein protein supplements while looking for the best lean mass gainer protein supplement.