Power Whey Protein is a specially formulated whey protein blend meant for building lean muscle mass and providing ample protein for more endurance and strength.

What are the components of Power Whey Protein and how is it helpful?

This whey protein blend contains the following ingredients to power up your performance at the gym:

  • Ion exchange whey protein isolates- contains approximately 90-95 % protein and is highly digestible. Those who are calorie conscious, good news for you, this is no fat and no cholesterol mix.
  • Cross flow ultra filtration whey protein concentrates- It usually contains 80 % protein but the unique part about this protein is that it contains di-peptides, tri-peptides, oligo-peptides and poly-peptides. You must be wondering what is a peptide? Peptides are enzymes which break down big molecules of protein into simpler substances such as amino acids. If you analyze well, this product gives you along with a high protein content, enzymes too to digest the protein. Therefore, when you consume whey protein, it is already in a pre-digested form and making absorption very easy.
  • Hydrolysed whey protein- This type of protein has already been broken doen to smaller chains of peptides making absorption so easy that you can feel the instant effect after consuming Power Whey Protein.

Benefit Explained

Lifting Dumbbell

We wonder why we should consume a blend of whey proteins when it comes to building muscles?
The answer is simple. Consuming a very large amount of protein all at once is almost impossible. The 3 types of whey protein mentioned above have small chains of peptides and have added protease enzyme. They are of high biological value containing all the essential amino acids in a single product making digestion and absorption faster which means, the repair of worn out cells is fast and the ultimate goal of muscle building is not too far.
There is not only a single benefit of this protein. It has several other advantages (USPs) such as:

  • Building cell blocks: When you are continuously working out and lifting weights, cells are broken down. They need to be repaired and built up again. Whey protein is the healer of broken cells.
  • Increases anabolic hormones: Certain hormones in the body are activated which encourage the growth of muscles. This is the reason you see bodybuilders having cuts and packs within a short time.
  • Leucine: This amino acid has a special role to play in supplements. It allows the production of muscle protein at its very basic level so that more and more muscle building process can take place.
  • Glutamine and its precursors: It helps in the production of protein and also involved in energy production.
  • Absorption just as ‘speed of light’: The absorption of protein is very fast as it has all the pre-digested enzymes and protease as well to enhance the digestion and absorption of protein.

When to consume Power Whey Protein?

It can be taken pre and post workout, 30-45 minutes prior workout and 20 minutes after workout.
Directions for use: To 1 scoop of Power Whey Protein (35g), add 250 ml of cold water. Shake the mix using a shaker. Enjoy the chocolaty flavor. How many scoops can you consume per day?
You can take up to 2 to 3 scoops per day for maximum benefit. Continue its usage to observe maximum changes in your body.