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  1. -34%
    MightyX Pro Mass Gainer-1 kg [Free Shaker]

    MightyX Pro Mass Gainer-1 kg [Free Shaker]

    Special Price Rs 894 Regular Price Rs 1,349
  2. -28%
    MightyX Anabolic Mass Gainer-1 kg [Free T-Shirt]

    MightyX Anabolic Mass Gainer-1 kg [Free T-Shirt]

    Special Price Rs 1,109 Regular Price Rs 1,549
  3. -27%
    MightyX Anabolic Mass Gainer-3 Kg [Free Gym Bag]

    MightyX Anabolic Mass Gainer-3 Kg [Free Gym Bag]

    Special Price Rs 3,049 Regular Price Rs 4,199
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12 Items

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Buy Gainer Supplement Online and make your Fitness Journey Smoother

Gainers are supplements which help you gain muscle mass especially if you are looking for a muscular body; this is going to be your best partner in this journey.

What do best gainer powder consist of?

Gainers consist of carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. It also contains high levels of carbohydrates and moderate amount of fats. Do note that mass gainers as compared to Whey Protein will contain less protein than carbohydrates.
But why?
The reason is simple. The main function of Mass Gainer and lean mass gainer are to provide calories to enhance muscle gain. Don’t worry; the quality of protein being used in Gainer is a high biological value protein which will fulfill your protein requirements of the day if consumed with milk.

What about the protein to carbohydrate Ratio in gainer for bodybuilding?

The ideal protein to carbohydrate ratio is 1:3; it can even go upto 1:4. This ratio ensures effective Muscle mass gain. So, read the all nutritional information carefully before buying your Gainer supplements for bodybuilding. Do not go only by the face, flavor but also by the nutritional value of the product which is the most important aspect to be considered while purchasing a Gainer supplement.
Introducing MightyX Anabolic Mass Gainer and Pro Mass Gainer
Now you can buy gainer supplement in India. You can easily surf on www.nutrifyt.com where you will get the best gainer powder along with ample of other supplements required for all types of sports and other activities. You will be assisted by a fitness expert as well who will guide you all throughout your shopping journey.
MightyX Anabolic Mass Gainer
  • MightyX Anabolic Mass Gainer (Protein to Carbs Ratio 1:3) is an ideal gainer for those who require a gain in lean muscle mass. The number of calories increases if consumed with milk.
  • One serving of MightyX Anabolic Mass Gainer is equal to 50 g which contains 212 kcal, 10 g protein, 34 g carbs and 4 g of fat.
  • Every 50 g serving also provides with 2 g dietary fiber. You might be thinking but why fiber?
  • A good amount of fiber helps in digesting the macronutrients: fats and Carbs and boost your mass gains process.
  • We provide 1 lb, 1 kg and 3 kg sizes for this amazing lean mass gainer for bodybuilding.
  • The best gainer supplement available online are mostly in the ratio 1:3 and provide ample calories to fuel your workouts.
  • Shop gainer product in India and win exciting offers from Nutrifyt.
MightyX Pro Mass Gainer
  • Pro Mass Gainer is for power gainers who have surpassed their beginner journey and now have a new goal to become like Hulk.
  • So, Hulk fans, we bring for you a magical Mass Gainer to boost your workouts and help in gaining muscle mass.
  • The amazing part about this product is that glutamine is already present and you do not have to worry about taking glutamine again post workout.
  • MightyX Pro Mass Gainer contains 131.4 kcal, 22.8g of protein, 9.7g carbs and 0.2g fat per serving.
  • One nice thing is that 5 lbs jar contains 65 servings which would last longer.
  • We have thought of the economical, nutritional and physical benefits for you.
Here’s the list of Best Selling Gainer Supplements Price in India:
Product Name Size UOM MRP
Anabolic Mass Gainer 0.454 kg 749
Anabolic Mass Gainer 1 kg 1549
Anabolic Mass Gainer 3 kg 4199
Pro Mass Gainer 0.454 kg 699
Pro Mass Gainer 1 kg 1349
Pro Mass Gainer 3 kg 3349
Weight Gainer K9 Chocolate Flavor 2.5 kg 2799
Weight Gainer K9 American Ice cream Flavor 2.5 kg 2799
Weight Gainer K9 Chocolate Flavor 4.5 kg 4999
Weight Gainer K9 American Ice cream Flavor 4.5 kg 4999


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