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    MightyX Pro Mass Gainer-1 kg [Free Shaker]

    MightyX Pro Mass Gainer-1 kg [Free Shaker]

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Buy Best Weight Gainer Supplement Online - Enjoy Extra Calories

MightyX Weight Gainer K9 presents you the easiest way to gain weight with its especially formulated online natural weight gainer. Now, Nutrifyt is a personalized online platform for all bodybuilding supplements. You can customize your own combo packs without any restriction on you. We give you the freedom to fly.
Why to consume a body weight gainer powder- Know the Basics.
A Weight Gainer Protein is a supplement powder containing high amount of calories, moderate fat and protein designed to give you a muscular yet a healthy body. It contains up to 1000 kcal and good amount of fat and protein to support your workout schedules.

Requirements met by this Best Weight Gainer Protein Powder; these 6 points are golden standards for gaining weight.

Make sure you follow them wholeheartedly to ease your journey.
  • It is hard to meet up to 3000 calories in a day. Weight gainer powders help you achieve your high calorie target in a minimum meal to ease your digestibility and comfort.
  • It definitely contains fat- the latter being a macronutrient necessary for weight gain. However, be careful not to consume too much medium chain fatty acids or saturated fats.
  • It helps you meet your calorie intake throughout the day. It is always a good option to consume your weight gainer powder after a strenuous workout as it helps to refill your depleted glucose almost immediately thus helping to gain weight and prevent muscle wastage.
  • If you are a weight gain struggler, opt for a medium caloric weight gainer rather than a 900-1000 calories one which might not be suitable for your body. Take baby steps.
  • Creatine and high carbohydrate diet are your best friends in this weight gain journey. MightyX Weight Gainer K9 gives you both these nutrients in one pack. Now save on your resources :)
  • If you suffer from a low immunity, make sure your weight gainer contains L-Glutamine powder.
Directions for Use
Now that you know the benefits of a weight gainer, it is wise to know how to use them as well. These powders are best effective when taken with milk or juices. If taken with milk, it will increase the protein content of the gainer. Remember that protein is a secondary source of energy and if your energy is depleted during workouts, extra protein is effectively used as a secondary source of energy and helps to preserve your muscles.

Difference between a weight gainer shake and a normal protein shake

The only difference between a weight gainer shake and a protein shake is in terms of their protein content. A protein shake will give you on an average 20-30g of protein if taken with milk. However, the same milk shake containing a weight gainer will provide contains more calories and less protein meant for a lean muscle gain. They provide with instant energy as they have high carbohydrate content and help to pump up your muscles with glucose. As the name suggests ‘supplement’- this means that a weight gainer can help to support your diet but not completely replace it. Therefore, it is very important to have a high carbohydrate, moderate protein and moderate fat diet for an effective weight gain. For queries on diet, feel free to call us for Expert Advice. Refer to www.nutrifyt.com for more information. Now buy body weight gainer powder on discounted rates. Hurry for limited Seasonal Offers.
Here’s the list of best selling Weight Gainer Protein Supplement Along with Price and SKUs:
Product Name SKU UOM MRP
Weight Gainer K9 Chocolate Flavor 2.5 kg 2799
Weight Gainer K9 American Ice cream Flavor 2.5 kg 2799
Weight Gainer K9 Chocolate Flavor 4.5 kg 4999
Weight Gainer K9 American Ice cream Flavor 4.5 kg 4999


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