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Nutrifyt- The most approved brand of bodybuilding supplements and sports nutrition in India

At Nutrifyt -we offer you the best bodybuilding supplement powders which will help you gain your dream body in little less-challenging and faster ways. Nutrifyt ensures ease and comfort to browse and shop its finest products, but for that matter, constantly working to provide our customers with the best quality at affordable prices with heavy discounts and offers to secure our customers' satisfaction and trust in us. Coaching yourself at the gym for long hours should bring out better results than expected when combined with an accurate intake of health supplements. Endure muscle strength with the help of proven supplements containing adequate health benefits. Our supplements and proteins assist in attaining the best outcome of your intense training sessions and diet plans. Nutrifyt has set the seal on winning customer’s trust by selling the products with evidently amazing and true results. Still not sure? Keep scrolling to find out more!

Varieties as per your preference

Bodybuilding and gym goals and their requirements moreover the hard work you put in to attain that fine and muscular body. Knowing what to consume, how much to consume and when to consume which supplement and proteins will help you get the most from your intense work-out, we offer an inclusive bodybuilding supplement products range such as whey proteins, gainers, and workout essentials at affordable pricing.

Protein Supplements: Crafted for Intense Workout

Exercises, working out, cardio, and weight lifting is believed to support muscle growth and function increasing overall fitness levels. But are you aware that these can be incomplete without the proper intake of proteins? Proteins are a crucial and necessary micronutrient that aids to build muscle, formulate enzymes, and repair tissues. When you step it up with your workouts, it helps you to lose or gain weights and tones the muscles. Whey proteins are composed of different ratios of Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Whey Protein Concentrates, and Whey Protein Isolates.


Bulk up: Mass Gainers/Weight Gainers 

Gaining weight can be as difficult as losing it. Sometimes, gym-goers tend to gain mass easily but find it tough when it comes to enduring that mass for long. We know that it can be really difficult to maintain that weight only based on regular calorie intake. This can be frustrating and we understand that you might end up losing your forte. Nutrifyt helps keep up with a healthy body type. Taking this into concern, Nutrifyt brings in Mass Gainers such as: 

• MightyX Super Mass Gainer, Chocolate.
• YNB Nutrition Pro Mass Gainer, YNB Nutrition Lean Mass Gainer and much more. Explore our wide range of mass gainers at

There is no doubt that one can gain muscle through appropriate diet and weight lifting. But to truly maximize the growth potential, Capsules are a popular choice. It is recommended to the one who is striving to reach the fitness goals. These capsules contain a combination of nutrients that are required for your fitness goals, which can also be safely consumed. It is absorbed, distributed, and then metabolized in almost the same way as any other supplement. Our range of capsules include:

•  MightyX Fat-Cut Capsules Advanced Weight Loss | FAT Burner Supplement, 60 Capsules
•  MightyX Multivitamin Capsule with Vitamins & Minerals, 60 Capsules
•  MightyX Omega-3, 60 Capsules

Workout Essentials
Workout essentials are nutritional supplements for gimmicks that help to fulfill the fitness goals and boost your energy. These supplements are necessary to increase endurance, increase muscle mass, reduce weight, strengthen immunity, and make up for the lack of nutrients in the daily diet. Workout supplements are the answer to achieve the ideal muscle exercise effect and overcome muscle soreness, tissue damage, and weakness.

•  MightyX BCAA Pro Amino Energy Blast 25 Serving, (250 g, Blueberry)
•  MightyX BCAA Pro Amino Energy Blast 25 Serving, (250 g, Watermelon)
•  MightyX Intense Pre-Workout, Green Apple, 250 G
•  MightyX Intense Pre-Workout, Watermelon, 250G

Gym Essentials
If anyone is used to going to the gym only in sports clothes, he/she must have to know that gym-goers must think about a few accessories and equipment that can make their gym experience before, during, and after exercise better such as spacious but not too bulky, cute, easy to carry, and will work well over time. Its right size will allow carrying all the items gym-goers need and have enough mobility for public transportation when needed.

•  MightyX Duffel Gym Bag in Black Color
•  MightyX Gym Shaker Bottle 400 ml with Mixer Ball and Leak Proof top Cap
•  MightyX Gym T Shirt In Black Color
•  YNB Nutrition Gym Tshirt In White Color

Why choose Nutrifyt?
When it comes to purchasing health supplements, uncertainty is common especially when you are about to finalize the products, but do not worry… our products are acquired through the pure source. When it comes to buying Muscle gainers or other supplements, purity is one thing that needs to be made certain and Nutrifyt promises to deliver products that are 100% pure. The ingredients used for making products at Nutrifyt are sourced from places that are reliable and trusted all around the globe. Every product at Nutrifyt has authentication that proves its purity. Furthermore, they undergo strict quality checks prior to being featured on the website for purchase.
Nutrifyt adheres to the norms and guidelines laid down by the FSSAI. We see to it that our supplements consumed by you are as authentic as they can be to ensure no adverse effects or drawbacks. The outcome brought on by our products is effective and helps you in achieving the desired result. We are in sync with new trends, keep up with all the changes, and develop products after lots of research. Our products are verified by athletes, bodybuilders, and trainers. We maintain a high standard when it comes to testing and manufacturing, resulting ultimately in an outcome that is both beneficial and consistent.