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After heavy workouts where the muscles are primarily involved, muscle breakdown is a phenomenon which occurs immediately after the workout session. This condition is also known as ‘fatigue’ whereby the stores of carbohydrates are depleted in the body and the person feels completely emaciated. This is the time where nutrients are desperately required to replenish the required stores to regain energy. Post workout meals consist of a moderate to high Carbs, high protein and moderate fat diet.

How much protein do you require?

People having a very active lifestyle involving a lot of lifts, motion and resistance require up to 1.7-1.9 g of protein per kg of body weight. If an active person weights 80 kg, he/she would be requiring 136 g to 152 g of protein.
It is impossible to consume a fully fledged meal after a deadly workout. Therefore consuming high quality proteins in a form of a shake or a small cereal mix can be more beneficial for the person.
Presenting you with a special blend protein powder formula for post workouts which contains all the essential nutrients required for a muscle repair process: high Carbs, high proteins (high quality proteins), BCAAs, glutamine, best protein blend powder and less fats containing all the essential amino acids in proportionate amounts to repair the worn out cells, prepare the body for the next lift and give rest to the body: MightyX 100% Whey Protein & MightyX Power Whey Protein

When to Consume Proteins?

Pre and post workout meals/ partial meal replacements/ shakes/ protein supplements should be consumed either an hour and a half before your workout OR an hour after your workout. The nearer the workout time, the lighter the meal and the longer the post workout time, the heavier the meal. The concept is simple: not to consume too much immediately before or after workouts. Few examples of a pre workout meal are: Eggs with oatmeal, potato and a roasted chicken breast, banana (or any fruit of your choice) along with whey protein or brown rice with fish and kale.
When to Consume Proteins?
The best protein blend has the following benefits:
  • Building cell blocks: When you are continuously working out and lifting weights, cells are broken down. They need to be repaired and built up again. Whey protein is the healer of broken cells.
  • Increases anabolic hormones: Certain hormones in the body are activated which encourage the growth of muscles. This is the reason you see bodybuilders having cuts and packs within a short time.
  • Leucine: This amino acid has a special role to play in supplements. It allows the production of muscle protein at its very basic level so that more and more muscle building process can take place.
  • Glutamine and its precursors: It helps in the production of protein and also involved in energy production.
  • Absorption just as ‘speed of light’: The absorption of protein is very fast as it has all the pre-digested enzymes and protease as well to enhance the digestion and absorption of protein.
The following table gives details of MightyX 100% Whey Protein Ultra and MightyX Power Whey Protein; both being whey blends. These can be purchased on www.nutrifyt.com or on Healthkart as well.
Product Name % Protein SKU UOM MRP
100% Whey Protein 80% 1 lbs 1599
100% Whey Protein 80% 2 lbs 2949
100% Whey Protein 80% 5 lbs 7199
Power Whey Protein 65% 2 lbs 2599
Power Whey Protein 65% 5 lbs 5899


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