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Buy Whey Concentrate Protein Powder Online

Whey Protein Concentrate is the most cost effective and popular form of whey protein. We are all aware that whey proteins are nothing but a by-product of cheese production being very rich in amino acids and of high biological value protein. Whey Protein Concentrate is a bodybuilding supplement which is most commonly used to increase the intake of proteins which is not fulfilled by the diet. Its goal is to increase the size of muscles making a person look more like “Hulk”.

How is Whey Protein Concentrate different from other Whey Proteins?

Whey Protein is divided into three types: Concentrate, Isolate, and Hydrolysate.
Whey Concentrate Protein Powder have a low level of fat and cholesterol but higher levels of Carbohydrates and Protein content up to 50% in general and a high lactose content. The high Carbs ensure that you build up glycogen stores before a workout and give your best during training timings and even extend further as Whey Protein Concentrate gives you wings to extend your workout performance.
However, Isolates contain maximum percentage of Proteins: up to 90% and contains less lactose and fat. They are deficit of many nutrients compared to Whey Protein Concentrates. On the other hand, Hydrolysates are pre-digested form of protein, so, it gets absorbed faster.

How much protein should you take?

The timing of protein intake, particularly for those training every day and even more can influence recovery and performance.
Recovery should start in the first 2 hours after finishing a workout, particularly if you are training every day or more than once a day.
The two hours after training are when the body is most open to building new muscles and restocking its Carbs stores, so this is the perfect time to ingest protein in the form of whey powders which would instantly provide with the essential amino acids.
General Benefits of Whey Protein Concentrates
Let us find out about few benefits of Concentrate protein powder:
  • Proteins help in the weight loss process by providing a good satiety and keeping the stomach full. This is because protein is a complex macro nutrient and takes time to digest thereby keeping the gut full and making you feel very satisfied.
  • Persons consuming proteins have higher energy expenditure as the process is exothermic requiring more energy and eventually the person ends up eating less calories.
  • Protein consumption helps in the weight loss process by suppressing the appetite and thus helping in the preservation of lean muscle mass.
  • Whey Protein is high in essential amino acids and these amino acids when high in the blood, helps to boost the metabolism helping a quick flow of blood in the body.
Now that you are aware what does a whey protein concentrate is used for, you can surely buy Whey Protein Concentrate online on our website: www.nutrifyt.com and search for MightyX Gold Whey Protein. The details of the same are given below:
Product Name % Protein SKU UOM MRP
Gold Whey Protein 50% 2 lbs 2099
Gold Whey Protein 50% 5 lbs 4799


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