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Buy Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) Online

Branched-chain amino acids supplements commonly referred to as BCAAs, are very popular with athletes these days, who are searching for ways to increase lean mass and performance.
The branched chain amino acids are Valine, Leucine, and Iso-Leucine. BCAA's are alsorapidly depleted from the muscle when training. BCAAs for beginners are usually taken before and/or during a workout which will increase performance and delay fatigue. Taking BCAA's immediately after or with a post work out meal will lower cortisol (destroys muscle) levels and replace BCAA levels in the muscles faster.

Some benefits of consuming BCAAs are:

BCAAs increase the rate of protein synthesis
  • BCAAs contain Leucine. This particular essential amino acid helps to stimulate the production of protein much more than the protein consumed through diet because the protein we consume through diet is a complex one. BCAAs are the simplest form of proteins easily digested in the body so that it can reach the target cell in a minimum time.
  • Therefore, the rate of protein production increases, thereby repairing the cells faster therefore, and one experiences a faster muscle recovery and feels much more relaxed after a strenuous workout.
BCAAs reduce the amount of protein breakdown
  • When the bases are reduced, the protein breakdown will also reduce thereby saving it for a secondary source of energy.
  • To summarise, BCAAs work in both directions. On one hand, it increases the production of protein by being digested in its simplest form and on the other hand, it reduces the breakdown of protein by reducing the bases. The benefit is more muscles are built in a minimum time frame.
BCAA supplements can help to reduce tiredness
  • BCCAs are known to reduce fatigue and it is always a best practice to consume them before a workout.
  • Best Branched Chain Amino Acids perform this action by hampering the production of serotonin, which often rises during exercise.
  • Serotonin increases the ‘perception of fatigue’. You will, therefore, feel tired after workouts very easily even if you didn’t do very hardcore exercises. BCAAs prevent this condition by giving more energy to the cells to activate them.
  • Therefore, you can work out for longer, push harder and lift even more weight thus reducing muscle soreness, meaning you can push even harder the days following intense exercise.
  • As a result, when utilised correctly, BCAAs are an extremely powerful supplement.
  • They will definitely help increase your muscle mass by increasing the production of protein, in addition to preventing muscle loss when cutting.
  • They deliver a good source of energy intra-workout, and are great to take beforehand as well.
The Best BCAA Powder having all the mentioned benefits is MightyX BCAA K Series. It can be purchased on our online portal www.nutrifyt.com in 4 different yummy flavors which can be enjoyed both in winters and summers. The details are:
Product Name SKU UOM MRP
BCAA Green Apple 210 g 1599
BCAA Kiwi Strawberry 210 g 1599
BCAA Pinacolada 210 g 1599
BCAA Watermelon 210 g 1599


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