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Multivitamin For Men

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Multivitamin for Men Online in India

Men and women have different body types and therefore their energy requirements also differ, so do their micronutrient needs. Men do require some nutrients, which might not be present in their diets. As the age passes by, there are many losses in the body due to the tear and wear of tissues. It is important to replace them to avoid any micronutrient deficiency. Be sure to get the following nutrients in a best multivitamin for men's health:
  • Vitamin A: Keeps the eyes moist, skin glowing and boosts the immune system.
  • Vitamin C: It is an antioxidant helping to increase the immunity and also helps in the absorption of iron.
  • B Vitamins: Helps in the production of red blood cells and in energy metabolism.
  • Calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin K and Zinc: These vitamins are strength giving ones and are very beneficial for bone health.
  • Vitamin E and selenium: Help protect your cells from wear and tear.
All these mentioned nutrients can be obtained by a balanced diet but most people do not take adequate amounts.

Dietary restrictions for Men

Vitamin B-12 also known as Cyanocobalamin is not obtained in a vegetarian diet adequately. It is required to supplement it along with your veg meals to get enough for proper red blood cell formation and calcium absorption. Some fortified cereals and grain products contain B-12, but you may still need a supplement. Best organic multivitamin for men have vitamin B-12 added to them.

Micronutrient Supplements for Bodybuilders

Are you a bodybuilder and you often ask yourself do you need vitamins supplementation? This might help you get the answers. The above mentioned supplements are needed to support the muscle function of the body as well as increasing the immunity, for energy metabolism. The market is known for gluten-free products and you are sure to go Gluten-Free this time. When a multivitamin is added to a normal diet, it supports a healthy lifestyle and can help to fill the deficiency of any micronutrient in the body. They also apply for nutrition gaps when the diet is insufficient in essential nutrients due to unavailability of food or inaccessibility of food.
A quick Summary on the types of multivitamins for men
The best multivitamin supplements for men are vitamins D, B12, A, C, E and vitamin K. In addition to the best vitamins for men, minerals and essential fatty acids like magnesium, omega-3 fish oil and potassium are integral to proper health.
Risk factors for a deficiency can be due to many reasons. Some of them are:
  • A vegetarian diet poor in micronutrients.
  • A history of deficiencies in the family which can be present in the actual lifestyle.
  • Any allergies- in this case an elimination diet causes certain deficiencies in the body.
  • Being overweight or underweight can also be a causal effect of micronutrient deficiencies as it drastically affects the metabolic processes.
  • A low socio-economic status where the accessibility of food is less.
  • Lack of education can definitely cause a lack of awareness about the locally available seasonal fruits and vegetables which are rich in micronutrients.
  • Being a convalescent can mean that many nutrient-rich foods are not being taken which can temporarily cause some deficiencies in the diet.
  • The drug and food reaction is well-known to suppress the absorption of many micronutrients.
If you rarely eat seafood or meat, eggs, dairy and poultry; you have a history of intestinal problems that block absorption; or you take medication, you may be more prone to being low in some of the best vitamins for men.