If you are here on this page, chances are you are dreaming of that perfect puffed up body with six pack abs coupled with that chiseled look that makes you look like a Greek god. Surely, we live in an era where looks matter more than intelligence especially after the emergence of social media that made peer to peer photo-sharing a reality. Here in this blog, we are addressing a core audience that is serious about body building to do more in less time and get ahead in their job or business career.

Prepare For A New Life

You need to be ready for everything like cardio workouts, weight training, toing workouts and strongman training. Along with this you need to eat right. Our body is 70% of what we eat and 30% of what we exercise. You need to eat, breathe, sleep fitness, exercise and nutrition. Buy merchandize that goes in sync with your ever-changing body and it will help in keeping you motivated. Buying good quality fitness gear from online stores will help keep your confidence levels high as others in the gym will be equally well turned out with sports drinks, towels, footwear and what not.

Deploy More Technology In The Whole Process

Incorporating fitness trackers that are synced with apps on your phone will help you measure through Bluetooth technology, the exact heart rate, calories burnt, steps taken and your score vis a vis your peers. If you buy a good quality pair of shoes from a branded retailer, then you get these fitness trackers complimentary and they work like a headmaster coaxing you to do better. With each passing day, you will find yourself getting better and better.

Do Not Shy Away From Supplements; They Really Work

If you are not convinced abut the role of whey protein supplements, then we suggest you stop all exercises and see how your body reacts with withdrawal pangs. Then slowly, add more whey to your diet before restarting your exercise regimen and you will feel start feeling better and begin to know the difference. Once you are convinced, you can plunge headlong into your intense workout sessions combining cardio, weight training and circuit training. Going through this cycle described here will make you a real devoted consumer of whey protein through you should never over do it any day.

Do Not Make The Mistake Of Going Back In Your College Pants

Yes, that’s because zillions of people make the same mistake and end up being frustrated and quitting exercise altogether. The moment the fitness bug hits you, the first instinct is to pull out your old college jeans and see how far you need to go to fit right back into them. Women make this mistake more than men and end up frustrated even more than men. All fitness programs are designed to take you from fat to fit and no exercise regimen is designed to make you go back in time. Last but not the least, understand that you will be fighting a losing battle if you retain that mentality in the future. You are no longer the same person and the responsibilities, stresses that you have now is strikingly different from what you had in your college days. Your body was used to a different working routine and in those days, you did not have to juggle as many responsibilities as you do now. Stress adds more fat, just like junk and processed foods do to humans and dogs.