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30 Mar Post - Workout Meals – What to Eat?
abhijit 0 1644
Hard workouts and intense training need proper nutrition to fuel and refuel working muscles. Food consumed before and after workout is very important for physical fitness. There are a lot of questions regarding post-workout meals. A few very common questions are what to eat post workout and how long should you wait before eating?High protein post-w..
25 Mar Top 7 Benefits Of Multivitamin Capsules
abhijit 0 869
A multivitamin is a supplement comprised of various vitamins and minerals found in a variety of foods. Taking multivitamin capsules daily can help us fill in any nutritional gaps present in our diets and thus improve our overall health. With multivitamins, we can quickly and conveniently meet our daily nutritional needs and ensure that we're gettin..
17 Mar Pre-Work Out Meal Myth: Should You Eat or Not?
abhijit 0 865
You must have heard this quite a lot of times that you shouldn’t eat and then go for a workout. So, is this true? Does this statement holds some scientific reason or is it just a myth?Well truly this is all just a myth and if you ask why then let’s check it out.Importance of Pre-Work out MealsYou can eat pre-workout there is no problem associated w..
12 Mar Veg Omega-3 Capsules for a Healthy Life
abhijit 0 530
Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids that cannot be synthesized by the human body and need to be supplemented. Some of the most popular sources of omega-3s include fish oil and flaxseeds. Another source is algae, from which there are two types of omega-3 fatty acids: DHA and EPA. Algae-based omega-3 supplements are considered more sustaina..
28 Feb Lose Belly Fat With High Protein Meal Plan
abhijit 0 1403
Losing belly fat is not easy. There are many ways to lose belly fat like hitting the gym, high intensity cardio to fasting. If you want to lose belly fat and maintain it the best way along with exercise is by managing diet. Go for a protein rich healthy diet. A low carb abd high protein diet not only helps you lose belly fat but also improves immun..
22 Feb Best Protein Sources for Vegetarians which can Substitute Meat
abhijit 1 1348
We are often skeptical of the fact how vegetarians and vegans get all their protein intake from. Since meat constitutes the major source of protein and vegetarians and vegans are people whose diet is devoid of meat. Ever wondered where do they get their protein from? There are other sources of protein except for meat. For vegans, milk or animal pro..
15 Feb 7 BCAA Protein Benefits
abhijit 0 858
BCAA or Branched-Chain Amino Acids are among the twenty different types of amino acids required for protein alternatives. BCAA also falls in the category of those nine amino acids out of the twenty considered essential amino acids. Our body cannot naturally create them by crucial amino acids, and we need to take them artificially. There are three d..
29 Jan 5 Reasons to Use Weight Gainer Powder
abhijit 1 1627
When we talk about fitness, the majority of us are concentrated on losing weight and getting into shape. But there is a particular section of people who find it challenging to gain weight or build muscles. These weight gainers are the ones who have an abnormally fast metabolism or the ones who, for whatever reasons, are not able to consume more cal..
27 Jan Benefits of Taking BCAA Powder for Gymgoers and Bodybuilders
abhijit 103 784
Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a group of three essential amino acids:leucineisoleucinevalineBCAA powder is a supplement that is commonly taken to boost muscle growth and enhance exercise performance. It also helps with weight loss and reduces exhaustion after exercise. In recent years, BCAA powder has become a very popular supplement mainl..
13 Feb Gainers: Types, uses, consumption and results
admin1 1 1785
Gainers: Types, uses, consumption & results Every individual who undergoes physical training, understand the pain and struggle they have to go through in order to gain that massy and healthy body structure. Clearly, the entire workout goes in vain when your body does not get the essential proteins, vitamins, and nutrition. An intense workout requir..
24 May Jump Rope Workout Routine and Benefits
ggnnutri 1 33533
.my-table{width: 100%; margin: 20px 0;} table, tr, td, th{border: 1px solid #ccc;} Jump Rope is a sport involving the use of a rope and makes its usage by jumping over it and swinging it and passing it under the feet and over the head. It is an exercise which requires coordination and its target area are the leg muscles making them stronger. Jump..
ggnnutri 0 2329
Athletes can meet their nutritional requirements by eating balanced meals one to two hours before exercise/event and within one to two hours exercise/event. However, they have special nutritional needs as their workout routines are much different from that of a normal individual. Different athletes have different needs depend..
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