Gainers: Types, uses, consumption & results


Every individual who undergoes physical training, understand the pain and struggle they have to go through in order to gain that massy and healthy body structure. Clearly, the entire workout goes in vain when your body does not get the essential proteins, vitamins, and nutrition. An intense workout requires additional nutrients apart from the diet you take for better results. Gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight and so it requires equal attention and efforts in order to acquire that voluminous body. Let’s take a look at how it works.


Benefits of mass gainer


Gain mass: These are known as mass gainers because they are especially rich in proteins, calories, and carbs which helps the body to gain that physical look your body requires. 


Gain muscle: Not only mass but these supplements also a solution when the question is about gaining the muscles. Importantly, they compose the muscles with fewer fats and concentrate more on proteins and carbs as compared to most food intake and energy boosters.


Sufficient calorie intake: There’s more to it than just the accurate amount of calories. It provides an accurate amount of calories along with other nutrients.


Why use a mass gainer?


We nod when one says that it’s difficult for them to gain the weight required for their body even when they eat a lot. Obviously one needs to eat a good amount of food which cannot be negotiated but mass gainers benefits and aids your body to increase your calorie intake quickly and easily. mighty Mass Gainer provides the right amount of calories in one scoop that is adequate. Consuming these supplements in the right quantity and in the right way can results in a quick, moreover massy body.


How to consume mass gainer?


A mass gainer is quite simply a mixture of nutrients, which one consumes with water or milk. A gainer can be taken as a snack diluted (with water or milk). It can be consumed between two training sessions as your body will recover more or less slowly, this is where the gainer comes in. 


It is a convenient consumption process as you just have to mix 1 scoop of MightyX lean Mass gainer and shake it well in 200 ml of water or milk! Enjoy your drink, followed by an intense workout routine or sport of your choice!




Although supplements are proven to provide your body with balanced and desired nutrients and calories after your Strong workout sessions, this cannot replace your solid diet, however, simply supplement it. Mass gainers and supplements should be consumed at a limit or as per the instructions as they contain a high amount of nutrients just in one scoop. Right consumption can show tremendous results, where one can figure out the difference between before and after consumption of these high-quality gainers. It is the easiest and safest way to provide the body with exactly all the anabolicelements to grow muscle mass, as well as the energy needed for your intense workout sessions


Coming to an end, it always depends on your self-esteem and endurance when we talk about the results of gainers so would recommend working hard and choosing the supplements wisely to achieve that desired body size you wish to gain.