Hard workouts and intense training need proper nutrition to fuel and refuel working muscles. Food consumed before and after workout is very important for physical fitness. There are a lot of questions regarding post-workout meals. A few very common questions are what to eat post workout and how long should you wait before eating?

High protein post-workout meals are essential as it helps in replenishing the muscle glycogen that is exhausted from physically demanding training. Consuming a protein and nutrient rich meal after an intense training helps promote protein synthesis to repair and build muscle tissues and fix fluid and electrolyte balance.

Importance of timing in Post-workout Meals

Many research has shown that consuming the correct amount of protein and carbohydrate is very vital after workout. When you eat and what you eat is dependent on the type of workout you perform. 

For people doing intense training with the goal of increasing muscle size or body building it is advised to consume 20-40 grams of lean protein and some carb as close to after workout as possible. Its best to have a healthy protein carb shake soon after workout. 

For lighter workouts where the main goal is to stay in shape or loose a bit of weight it is advised to eat a well balanced post-workout meal that has protein, carbs as well as fiber with one hour of exercising. There are a few studies that have suggested that the anabolic window reduces as time goes by without sufficient carbohydrate and protein intake.

One of the most vital factors in your post-workout meal is the timing and also making sure that you consume the correct meal as per the fitness goals. 

Eating Well and Staying Hydrated

It is very important o stay hydrated and consume essential nutrients and high quality protein after an intense workout.  Drinking water in and sports recovery  shakes and drinks during long workout sessions is vital for fluid replenishment.

Intake of fluids to keep the body hydrated is important or else it might lead to decreased performance, tiredness and heat illnesses. It is a good idea that you drink a lot of fluids while long workout sessions and never allow the body to get dehydrated. 

Never Skip Post-Workout Meals

Proper intake of nutrient and protein rich pre and post-workout meal is a must for athletic and body building success. Most of the body builders, athletes and people trying to build muscles follow a dietary plan to improve and aid performance. The meal plan usually is a correct balance of carbohydrates and high quality proteins that is consumed within a time limit of the workout programs. Consuming extra protein within an hour after exercise is known to  increase muscle glycogen stores.

Intense workouts leave the muscles weak and in need to fuel. The muscles tissue need protein to heal and grow. Skipping post workout meals can cause a lot of harm and your journey of muscle building. 

Post-Workout Meal Tips

The post-workout meal doesn't have to be complicated, a simple protein rich shake can help. Only thing to remember is to eat well and eat right.  Your body needs protein boost post exercise ro stay fit. 

Healthy and Convenient Post-Workout Meals

  • Protein Shakes
  • Brown rice
  • Fruit
  • Lean proteins
  • Quinoa
  • Whole grain wraps/tortillas
  • Yogurt
  • Eggs