Whey Protein

The vogue is fitness. It is very often linked to bodybuilding. Individuals crash the gym to achieve a muscular build up often working out for hours and hours to build their muscles. While trying to do so, muscles become fatigued, tired and fast recovery is required. This is where whey proteins play their part. Whey protein is a by-product, obtained from cheese manufacturing process. Whey protein can be classified depending upon the percentage of whey protein a product particular contains and extent to which they are processed. Many clinical trials have been conducted it has been shown that whey protein not only helps in muscle recovery from fatigue and tiredness but also impart great deal of power and strength to muscles. These products have proved to be good supplements for various bodybuilders. Depending on the extent to which whey proteins are processed and specific concentration of the whey that they contain, these are classified into three distinct forms:

Purest form of whey protein is whey protein isolate whereas whey concentrate contains whey ranging from 75 to 80 %. Third type of whey protein is manufactured by the process of enzymatic hydrolysis of whey cheese.

Benefits of 100 % Whey Protein

100 % Whey Protein
  • Ideal for intermediate to advanced stage gym going individuals.
  • MightyX 100% Whey Protein contains a comprehensive blend of micro-filtered whey isolate and ultra-filtered whey concentrate.
  • MightyX 100% Whey Protein provide dual benefits of whey isolate and whey concentrate thereby promoting muscle recovery.
  • The glutamine content (4 g per serve) prevent muscle loss and enhance recovery due to glutamine content.
  • The pool of BCAAs present (5.5 g per serve) promotes muscle recovery and help to enhance the performance.
  • Minimum of 2 serves per day will suffice your protein requirements, one serve equals to 30 g of whey protein

The ingredients of MightyX 100 % Whey Protein have been procured and sourced from one of the most trusted and best suppliers in the world. In addition, MightyX Whey Proteins have been processed using ultramodern techniques having excellent quality, purity and results. Please note that MightyX Whey Protein is not only a workout supplement but it is also very beneficial for bodybuilders, athletes, weightlifters and sportsmen.

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