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Whey protein has been known to support your workout sessions in many ways. Bodybuilders require extra protein for muscle repair due to the strenuous weight lighting which requires strength, endurance and capacity to withstand longer hours in the gym to achieve their respective goals. This would be difficult without the support of whey protein. The protein requirements for a person with an active lifestyle can go from 0.9 to 1.5 grams per body weight. Let’s suppose the weight of a bodybuilder is 80 kg and its protein requirement is 1.3 g per body weight making it a total of 104 g of proteins per day. The person can fulfill the protein requirements by both diet and supplementation. Whey protein ensures easy digestion and absorption of proteins for quick muscle recovery.

How MightyX Whey Gold is different?

  • MightyX Gold Whey Protein offers 25g protein in a 50g scoop.
  • The source of protein comes from a blend of proteins, such as whey protein concentrate and isolate.
  • With ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, MightyX Whey Gold ensures that the fitness champions, bodybuilders and athletes get a protein as pure as gold.

What are the highlights of MightyX Whey Gold?

  • MightyX Whey Gold meets the high protein needs of our fitness enthusiasts with whey protein concentrate.
  • A 50g scoop of MightyX Whey Gold contains 25g protein, 21g carbs and 1g of fat, thereby ensuring that you get more amount of purer protein per scoop.
  • Digestive enzymes improve the rate of protein digestion, thereby making sure that you are able to absorb more protein content from your MightyX Whey Gold.
  • MightyX Whey Gold delivers what it promises with a proof of authentication. You may visit the website to access NABL approved report on the genuineness of protein availability in each scoop of the pack.

Why should I take MightyX Whey Gold, when I am eating protein rich foods?

  • Contrary to your belief, muscles are not built in the gym. When you work out you cause microscopic injuries to the muscle tissues. At this time, your muscles are particularly sensitive to the repair nutrient, such as high-quality whey protein concentrate found in MightyX Whey Gold.
  • When you drink MightyX Whey Gold after your workout, you make sure that your muscles will start the repair work in a short while, because MightyX Whey Gold gets absorbed at a faster rate in your body than any other whey protein.
  • In addition, protein-rich foods take time to digest and come with extra calories. If you are counting your calories, MightyX Whey Gold is for you as it helps you fulfil your protein requirement in fewer calories. A serving of MightyX Whey Gold has 197 calories (50 g per serving).

Why digestive enzymes have been added in MightyX Whey Gold?

MightyX Whey Gold
  • Digestive enzymes in MightyX Whey Gold ensure that whey protein isolate gets digested easily and does not leave the body without being utilized.
  • Moreover, digestive enzymes reduce stomach discomfort related to protein digestion, for people with sensitive stomachs.


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