Jump Rope is a sport involving the use of a rope and makes its usage by jumping over it and swinging it and passing it under the feet and over the head. It is an exercise which requires coordination and its target area are the leg muscles making them stronger. Jump Rope is now designed as a workout routine to burn the extra calories in a minimum time frame. Let us learn the Rope Workout Routine.

Jump Rope Workout Routine

This workout routine will consist of 3 intervals and 4 styles of jumping. It is almost equal to High-Intensity Interval Training. Be careful not to leave your shoelaces untied.

Let us get started

Intervals Jump Rope Style Reps Method
Interval 1 Forward Jump 1 minute Jump over the rope with both feet on every turn, swaying the rope forward.
Side-to-Side 1 minute Jump a few inches to your left as you swing the rope. Then to your right. Do it in a rhythm
Backward Jump 1 minute Swing the rope backward for each jump.
Single-Leg Jump-Left 1 minute Jump on left foot.
Single-Leg Jump-Right 1 minute Jump on the right foot.
Interval 2 Forward Jump 1 minute Same as above
Alternating Jump 1 minute Jump on one foot and then the other, back and forth
Foot-Cross Jump 1 minute Cross your feet over each other on each rep. Alternate the foot that lands in front.
Single-Leg Jump-Left 1 minute Same as above
Single-Leg Jump-Right 1 minute Same as above
Interval 3 Forward Jump 1 minute Same as above
Double Jump 30 secs Jump high enough to allow the rope to pass under your feet twice on every turn. Keep practicing till you perfection it.
Backward Jump 1 minute Same as above
Double Jump 30 secs Same as above

After learning about the Jump Rope workout, let us find out its benefits over other exercises.

Benefits of Jump Rope

Calorie Burner

Jumping burns calories like anything. You won’t believe it, but this exercise burns 10-15 calories per minute. If you follow the workout routine mentioned above, you might burn 480 calories in just 30 minutes. However, this places a lot of strain on your leg muscles which might get exhausted and fatigue might follow. You can always go for muscle gaining supplements such as Anabolic Mass Gainer to help you gain muscle mass but remain lean.

Increases your concentration power

You are continuously doing the same action: your feet are touching the ground every now and then. Your mind is focusing only on this specific action and your muscles are getting adjusted to this type of workout routine. Your focus/ concentration power is unknowingly increasing. So, never stop these exercises rather make it your favorite one!

Increases Bone Mineral Density

Most women in India suffer from a low bone mineral density which can lead to osteoporosis in the near future if not taken care of. Jump Rope workouts are best to strengthen your bones as jumping is not targeting your joints but rather your leg muscles.

The most wonderful part of it: your legs are absorbing the impact of each jump not affecting your joints. Hence, what are you waiting for? Find your rope and kick start your workout.

Improves brain health

Any exercise which involves both mental and physical strengths improves the brain health by focusing on the cognitive functioning such as coordination, rhythm and balance. Jump Rope is an excellent exercise for the brain as well and will improve your reflex actions and increase your concentration.


We understand that budget comes everywhere. All you need to do this exercise is a rope. You can do it on a flat surface wearing your sports shoes. It is a onetime expenditure for your eternal good health.


It is so convenient that you can fold your rope and carry it everywhere with you. The amazing fact about rope is: you can squeeze it in between your clothes in your suitcase and carry it around the world if you are travelling.

Having listed all the benefits of Rope Jump, it is clear that this exercise is one of the most effective, cost-effective and healthy one. Do give it a try!