Know about low Carbs High Protein powder

Low Carbs and High Protein Powders are those types of powders having low to moderate calories, high quality protein and low Carbs. This type of combination is best suited for workouts such as Strength Training.
The body requires both protein and carbohydrates for strength training. This is because; as the title says, ‘strength’ is required to perform the workouts Nevertheless, the protein requirement is higher. Strength training involves the continuous contraction of muscles and if the protein requirement is not met, muscle breakdown can occur. Some amount of Carbs is needed to replenish the energy lost during workouts.

Here’s the type of Low Carbs High Protein Supplement you wish to have for your Strength Training

MightyX 100% Whey Protein

It might be a little difficult to manage your meals especially if you have a busy schedule. Some protein supplements give you the ease of already prepared high protein to low Carbs powders which can be easily consumed as shakes, jellies, muffins, cakes, oats and many more to enhance your workouts and build more muscles.
Supplement such as MightyX 100% Whey Protein has added nutritional benefits apart from the fact that it is high in Proteins and low in Carbs, it enhances the workout performance of gym goers, athletes and persons following intense workout routines.
The following nutrients are present in MightyX 100% Whey Protein:

  • Protein to Carbohydrate Ratio: 1:16
  • Added nutrients: Calcium (408 mg)
  • BCAAs in small amounts: 5.7 g and other amino acids as well
  • The composition of 100% Whey is ideal for Strength Training as it consists of a blend of Whey Isolates, Concentrates and Hydrolysates ensuring quick absorption of proteins.
  • Boosts Immunity by providing ample proteins
  • Helps to lower cholesterol as it does not contain Trans fat and negligible fats.
  • Helps to preserve lean muscle mass thus helping in overall weight loss.

Know why you should consume a Low Carbs & High Protein Diet Along with Supplement?

Protein is such a nutrient which is needed in larger amounts in the body. It helps in the growth and repair of worn outs cells also acting as a secondary source of energy when there is energy deficiency. Essentially, proteins are required for the correct build of muscles. An incorrect intake of protein may lead to muscle wastage and micronutrient deficiencies in the body leading to many health complications.
The 3 major requirements for muscle building are: a balanced diet, workout routine and a moderate to high protein diet. Additionally, occasional protein food sources such as Channa, roasted peas, protein bars can be consumed for snack times to enhance the recovery process.

List of low carbohydrate food sources:

There are many low carbohydrate food sources easily available for a gym-goer. Some of them are:

  • Meat: Poultry, lamb
  • Fish: Salmon, trout and haddock
  • Eggs: boiled and/or fried
  • Vegetables: Spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc...
  • Fruits: Apples, oranges, pears, blueberries, strawberries.
  • Nuts and seeds: Almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, etc…
  • Dairy: Milk, Dahi, butter, yogurt.
  • Fats and oils: Coconut oil, olive oil, Mustard oil

For weight loss: Do not consume cheese and take limited nuts.

Source of carbohydrates for an Active Lifestyle

You have an active lifestyle and you are not looking forward to lose weight; then you may eat these sources of carbohydrates: -

  • Tubers: Potatoes & sweet potatoes.
  • Unrefined grains: Brown rice, oats, quinoa, Bajra, Ragi
  • Legumes: Lentils, black beans, French beans.
  • Dark chocolate: Chocolates having more than 70% cocoa are good sources of iron and are fair in antioxidants.


  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Water
  • Sugar-free carbonated beverages, like sparkling water.