You must have heard this quite a lot of times that you shouldn’t eat and then go for a workout. So, is this true? Does this statement holds some scientific reason or is it just a myth?

Well truly this is all just a myth and if you ask why then let’s check it out.

Importance of Pre-Work out Meals

You can eat pre-workout there is no problem associated with it, but you must be specific as to what all foods you are eating before your workout. Most pre-workout foods are safe for adults without any complications, but you must also keep in mind to only take a properly balanced diet before a workout to provide proper amounts of nutrition to your body. 

So, let’s chalk out which are the foods to be included in pre-workout.

You can supplement your workout performance by having a healthy protein rich diet or protein supplement to provide the necessary nutrition required by your body. This must include a proper mixture of carbs and proteins. Which foods to consume and at what amounts varies on the type duration and the intensity of the workout but this mix suggested above can be beneficial for most situations. 

There are also limits as to how soon should you eat before workouts. Usually, you should eat 1 hour before the workout if you’re considering morning workouts. But you can 30-60 mins before if you are having any kind of light snacks.

Pre-Work Out Food Benefits:

Pre-workout supplements or pre-workout food are many a time used by people to enhance physical performance and energy while workout.

During a workout session, body energy tends to deplete and hence the muscles become exhausted and may develop fatigue. Thus, having proper pre-workout food will help in decreasing the chances of muscle fatigue or muscle injury during the workout sessions.

While workout you would also want to maintain those gains that your body is coming up with. So for this protein synthesis by the body should be equal to or exceed protein breakdown. The pre-workout supplements and foods help the body in achieving this.

Best Pre-work Out Foods:

The pre-workout foods depend upon the workouts you are considering doing. Like the type of workout, its duration, and the intensity. Everything comes into consideration while choosing the perfect pre-workout food.

This also depends on your body type and the nutrients needed by your body to perform better. Whatever you do but the ultimate goal is to break down proteins into simple forms to provide energy to your body to showcase a better performance in your workout sessions.

So let’s discuss what food to consider before different types of workout training.

Before Strength Training

If your workout involves sprints, jumping, heavy lifting like strength-related training exercises, them having carbs before the workout would be the best solution. This will provide you with bursts of energy required for power movements.

These quick carbs can be gained by having 

  • Sports drink

  • Honey

  • A bunch of fruits

Or you can also go for slow carbs for long-lasting energy like

  • Oats 

  • Whole grains

Before Endurance Training

If your workout consists of cycling, swimming, aerobics, etc., then consuming fats before workout sessions will help you sustain energy levels.

Take these slow-digesting healthy fat supplementary foods at least an hour before going for the workouts. 

  • Cashewnuts or any kind of nuts and seeds

  • Avocado

You may also consult a nutritionist and plan out your balanced diet as per your body requirements. Pre-workout foods are important. Don’t go by the myths.