Most Frequently Asked Question- Now Answered!

Both protein and amino acids are vital for muscle growth and overall strength.
BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) give wings to your muscles during your intense workouts. This supplement allows your body to become more muscular and well-built.
As a matter of fact, Whey Protein Powder is best consumed post workout energy drink to increase the production of protein which got depleted during the workouts and gives an excellent recovery.


  • Ratio of Amino Acids is 2:1:1 (Leucine :Isoleucine :Valine)
  • Gluten Free Protein Powder
  • No artificial ingredients.
  • Lab tested to give 100% quality guarantee to the customer
  • Sizes are available for your convenience and economy.
  • When you consume fewer calories, protein is being used as a secondary source of energy; so muscles are breaking down to provide energy.
  • BCAAs simultaneously aids in weight loss and muscle gain.

Why Whey Protein?

  • Contains 20-24g of protein (whey protein blend)
  • Whey Protein provide less carbohydrates for lean muscle mass gain
  • Aims at providing less calories, more protein and moderate Carbs
  • Not Genetically Modified
  • Natural sweeteners are added which won’t affect your health
  • No artificial additives or fillers
  • Manufactured in GMP and HACCP approved facility
  • Whey is from US
  • Whey Protein facilitates weight loss by reducing appetite post workout. This is the time where one feels very hungry as glycogen stores are depleted and appetite becomes very big.
  • Some research depicts that whey protein could increase the metabolism hence helping in the fat burn process.

Benefit of Combining BCAA with Whey Protein

Benefit of Combining BCAA with Whey Protein

There are still many fads regarding the use of BCAAs. Several individuals think that they are expensive and whey protein could fulfill their BCAA requirement since proteins are rich in them so there is no need to buy an extra jar of BCAA for effective muscle gain. This is where the scientific knowledge is lacking! Let us find out why BCAAs have to be taken separately.
Whey Protein containing BCAAs are attached to peptide bonds. For proper digestion, the BCAAs have to be released from these peptide bonds. This process might take hours to finally break down to the end product amino acids and get absorbed in the bloodstream to either get converted to glycogen or provide instant energy to the cells.
On the face of it, BCAAs in separate supplement form are not attached to peptides. Being free, they do not have to go through the lengthy process of digestion and get quickly absorbed in the blood. The astounding part is that you might require as much as 30g of Whey Protein to get the appropriate amount of BCAAs. One scoop of BCAA will be enough to increase the level of amino acids in your blood and provide with instant energy and help in muscle recovery. In short, they will work instantly.


Whey Protein is your best post workout friend and BCAAs support your recovery period. A combination of both will ensure proper muscle building and effective weight loss as well.