Even after putting considerable effort into maintaining a healthy workout regime and diet, you are not satisfied with the change in your growth and size? Controlling all variables to induce lean muscle mass has become extremely difficult for you? You will be surprised to know that you aren’t the only one. If you find yourself stuck with no or minimum results, you should take a closer look at the things that you might be doing wrong. Chances are, you might be committing any of these 4 deadly mistakes.

Mistake #1: When You Do Not Listen to Your Body

It natural for a lot of dedicated gym-goers to hit the gym irrespective of having a mediocre sleep or body ache from the previous day’s work out. To an extent, it is required. But after a point, dragging yourself to the gym can only be termed as stacking abuse one after the other. At times, you are required to listen to what your body truly demands. It is normal to require a day or two for straightening up, without strings attached. Sometimes your body may demand a program that offers more built-in periodization that correctly fits your lifestyle and abilities. Therefore, stop entertaining systematic overtraining, strains, and muscle tears in the name of work-out.

Mistake #2: When You Miss Out the Big Lifts

In most scenarios, we have a tendency to quantify our weakness in terms of size. This is the reason why we take a very narrow approach towards solving them. Bodybuilding supplements for muscle gain give momentum to your training, but it alone will not do the trick. You need to address the real weakness. Training to get stronger should be your goal. Weighted pull-ups help to work on your abs, back, arms, and overall strength. To burn more calories and produce beneficial anabolic hormones, you should hit the major muscle groups with heavy deadlifts. Maintaining a good balance between isolation and compound exercises is very important to ensure any mass-building program’s success.

Mistake #3: When You Don’t Master Mind-Muscle Control

When you allow stronger muscle groups to get accustomed to a movement pattern, it can make you miss out on the gains for a particular muscle group. Therefore, it is important that you learn ways of really focusing on a specific muscle. This way you will be able to witness the instant boost in your body.

Mistake #4: When You Do Not Count the Weekend

Many serious trainees do not find it difficult to stay accountable in the week. The schedule remains relatively constant, and they end up controlling their workout and diet. As soon as the weekend hits, you might end up at a pub chugging pints of beer. One or two drinks do not really cause a major problem but getting drunk regularly isn’t good for an athlete. Hence, cutting those drinks short to maximize your gains is absolutely necessary. If you see yourself committing any of these mistakes, you have nothing to worry about. It can be fixed easily once you make a note of it. Make the necessary changes today and start seeing the difference.