Why Amino Acids?

Proteins need to be metabolized into their simplest form (amino acids) order to be effectively used by the body.
There are 20 amino acids which are needed for human growth and metabolism.
Twelve amino acids (eleven in children) are termed as non-essential; this means that they can be metabolized by the body and need not to be consumed in the diet.
However, the remaining amino acids cannot be synthesized in the body and are known as essential amino acids; this means that they need to be consumed in the diet.
A deficiency of any of these amino acids will compromise the ability of tissue to grow and be repaired or to be maintained.

Comparison of Amino Acids Profiles in Common Proteins (mg Amino Acid/g protein)

Amino Acid Human Milk Cow Milk Egg Beef Soy Whey
Histidine 26 27 22 34 19 16
Isoleucine 46 47 54 48 49 54
Leucine 93 95 86 83 82 89
Valine 55 64 66 50 48 82
Lysine 66 78 70 89 64 88
Methionine 42 33 57 40 26 32
Tyrosine 72 102 93 80 92 65
Threonine 4 44 47 46 38 65
Tryptophan 17 14 17 12 17 22
TOTAL 421 504 512 482 432 513

Blue notes highest amino acid value. Red notes lowest amino acid value.
It can be concluded from the table above that Whey Protein is a pool of amino acids with only histidine and tyrosine being in slightly lower amounts. It can thus be easily used as a pre and post work out protein supplement to repair the worn- out muscles help to improve the overall performance of the person.
Whey protein is much better than Pea protein when compared in the table and can be an ideal supplement for athletes whose protein requirements increase due to increase in physical activity.

Protein Requirements according to the type of activity/training

Type of Training Protein Req (g/kg body weight/day)
Sedentary 0.8-1.0
Endurance Training 1.2-1.4
Strength Training 1.8
Strength/Power Training 1.4-1.8
Resistance Training 1.4-2.4

As the protein requirements increases, it is important to replenish the glycogen stores post work out. A proper combination of carbs, protein and fat is required to ensure consistent performance and expect good results.