Is it possible again?

And finally, your wedding day was a complete success; after all the hard work put behind looking simply gorgeous and receiving so many compliments, you feel that now you can laze around and eat your favourite foods you had been craving for few months back?
However, deep inside you, you still want to get that fit body again where you used to feel so light and energetic as compared to now. Well, do not worry as we bring for you some simple tips to maintain your weight.

TIP NO 1- Cook Healthy and Low-Calorie Meals

Cook  and Low-Calorie Meals

A man’s love begins by his stomach. Well, you must have heard the Hindi version of it. You can showcase your skills by cooking healthy, less caloric food items such as upma, pancakes, idli, etc…Say goodbye to Chole Bhature, Pao Bhaji and other fatty foods. Don’t be scared, keep these items for weekends or special occasions.

TIP NO 2- Stock Your Fridge Healthy and Wisely

Stock Your Fridge  and Wisely

Snacking is common among individuals especially if you are watching your favourite movie together on the couch. Be wise and stock your fridge with seasonal fruits and vegetables instead of muffins, cake and pastries. This will avoid snacking fatty food items.

TIP NO 3- Plan out Couple Activities

Plan out Couple Activities

Hanging out together doesn’t always mean to go for dinners or have your favourite snacks together. Break this habit by trying something different such as joining a dance class or yoga class helping you to remain fit throughout the week and welcoming Monday with a fresh and healthy mind.

TIP NO 4- Working out is a must

Working out is a must

Forty minutes of exercise daily will help you to sweat out effectively and maintain a healthy weight. If it is difficult to work out every day, do it on alternate days. Do not cheat on weekends, instead shorten your exercise time from 40 minutes to 20 minutes. Try to finish your workout early during week days so that you have the rest of the day for other activities. You can always opt for swimming, mountaining, etc... for weekend exercises to add more variety to your work out routines. Try to involve your husband in your fitness routine.
(Top Secret: You can spend more quality time with your husband)

TIP NO 5- When insecurities eat you, refrain from eating, divert yourself instead

When insecurities eat you, refrain from eating, divert yourself instead

Couple arguments and small disputes are common but don’t make it an excuse for turning to drinks and fatty foods. Instead of ruining your health, try to communicate with each other and resolve the issues. Learn to divert your attention from food to something more constructive such as reading a book or watching a funny cartoon video.

TIP NO 6- Stay Motivated Towards Fitness

Stay Motivated Towards Fitness

Your body is yours and remember that you have to stay in it for your entire lifetime. Take small and healthy steps to improve your overall health and make fitness your priority. Make yourself your own motivation by seeing your own pictures while you were so fit. You can still be fit, it is never too late.