Do you start your day with restlessness, irritation and tiredness? Then, something is definitely wrong in your diet!

A major reason behind your bad morning is a poor diet intake. Most of the working professionals neglect the importance of a healthy diet plan due to a busy routine.
Your busy day might begin without your most important meal of the day (breakfast) followed by a very unhealthy lunch consisting of more saturated fats, excess salt and sugars to finally end with a heavy dinner after an exhaustive day at work.
This type of erratic diet keeps an imbalance on the energy levels and you are doing nothing great apart from putting your hormones on a roller coaster ride. Eventually, we have poor energy levels and feel tired even at the beginning of the day. Poor eating habits not just lead to lower energy levels but also invite diseases to our body. As the age passes by, people tend to lose enthusiasm towards their work leading to low productivity and poor results.
Can we afford to lose our health to diseases and poor eating habits? Well, we can’t compromise on our work schedule and deliver poor performance. But, the surprising part is that despite knowing about the ill consequences of poor eating habits, we are too busy to make a change.
However, as we say it is never too late for anything. If you are willing to change and looking for ways to boost productivity at work then here’s the first baby step for you.
Changing your eating habits can change the game for you. Here are five easy-to-follow eating habits for busy professionals which will help you maintain the energy levels from 9 am to 5 pm.

5 Tips to Be Fit and Happy in Your Professional and Personal Life

Tips to Be Fit and Happy in Your Professional and Personal Life

1. Never, Ever Skip Breakfast (Read twice)

  • We agree that morning is the busiest time of the day as you are struggling with your sleep and daily routines to make it to the office on time. This also might be the reason why many people miss out their breakfast.
  • A healthy breakfast consists of complex carbohydrates like cereals, fruits, vegetables, high-fiber foods like whole grain cereals and breads, ground flax and chia and protein rich foods like nuts, seeds, whey protein, milk and yogurt.
  • These food sources can give a right start to your day helping you stay energized and ready for work.
  • Moral of the story: Make sure you consume a healthy breakfast before you leave for office tomorrow.

2. Keep a Water Bottle Along

  • Drinking at least eight glasses of water in a day helps to keep hunger levels down, energy levels high, and digestion levels intact.
  • Water intake helps to keep diseases and infections at minimum.
  • For smooth digestion, it is recommended to drink room temperature water 20 minutes before or 60 minutes after the meals.
  • So, get set with your stainless-steel bottle and drink water every now and then.
  • Drinking water every time can be boring: To make it more interesting, keep changing your water bottles. Many users have tried it and it works so give it a try too!

3. Replace Snacks with Fruits

  • Remember that junk Food means empty calories. It will not energize your body and your mind for a long time.
  • Are you a regular canteen visitor always in search for snacks or sugary items? Then, please stop this practise right away.
  • Foods with high sugar, trans fats and saturated fats are poor in nutritive value and only increase the level of bad fat (trans fats) in your body. As a result, they tend to make you feel full in the beginning but ultimately make you feel lethargic.
  • A better idea is to replace your snack cravings with fruits and salads.
  • Make sure you carry a fruit and salad bowl along with you to the office.
  • This would not just save you calories but also a lot of money which you spend on snacks. Many research articles have showed that by leading a healthy lifestyle, you are saving thirty per cent of your salary.

4. Switch to Healthy Caffeine

  • Most of the working professionals are addicted to coffee and don’t keep a check over their caffeine consumption throughout the day.
  • Caffeine like coffee with sugar seems to spike your energy but eventually result into an energy crash.
  • A good idea is to consume caffeine in small and healthy amounts like a cup of green tea so that it doesn’t give you energy spikes which can be a leading cause for Pre-Diabetes!!

5. Space Meals Equally

  • The secret ingredient to stay hydrated at work is to eat at frequent intervals.
  • Many people overeat during lunch or breakfast and then go on without eating for next 4–5 hours thinking that this is an ideal diet for weight-loss.
  • This is the biggest energy-killer. If you want to stay enthusiastic and productive for the entire day then it is important to eat at fixed intervals to balance energy levels.