If you are at the take-off stage in your career when you must work continuously for long hours, compromise sleep and have very little time for exercise, then what do you do to be in good health? You are bound to gain weight in the wrong places rather than gaining weight uniformly. Some patients take the short-cut of taking medicine for every ailment and they are assisted by doctors who have become “pill-pushers”.

Whey Protein: Modern day miracle food

  • The idea is just to treat the blood sugar count or complete blood count and not the patient. In such a situation, the solution for good health lies not in taking higher doses of antacids, hypertensives, anti-anxiety medication but in embracing food supplements like whey protein.
  • These are scientifically engineered nutrition products where every ingredient has been carefully selected to offer certain sets of benefits to the user.
  • The amalgamation of these ingredients in the laboratory leads to the development of powerful compounds which make whey protein the magical ingredient that it is.
  • High queries on search engines and high traffic on landing pages selling whey protein or offering more information is proof of the fact that there is a strong latent demand in the market for such costly but high energy, products as they offer superior value of money.

Diet initiatives that you need to take to take more muscle mass

  • It is always a combination of good food, good sleep, exercise and good medication that makes a person disease free. Combining fasting and feasting is a good way to ensure that the body stores up all its food.
  • The reason being that irregular food timings through fasting and feasting ensure that the brain remains confused when the next meal is coming from; so, it stores the food within the body to maintain energy reserves. This stored food which turns into fat around the belly, hips, thighs in men and women.
  • If you are trying to gain weight, then it’s a gradual process and you can add more butter, cream and ice-creams in your diet along with skimmed meal products. Incorporate more sweets, cakes, chocolates.
  • Within a few weeks, you will get to know what works and what does not work for your body. Completely avoid all foods that cause allergies and discomforts. Clean food, clean air, clean water and good physical hygiene will help you achieve your health goals faster than you can expect.

Whey is a food supplement not replacement food

Whey is designed to act as a force multiplier in your efforts to gain weight. It is not a substitute for good food. And you should continue to eat pulses, legumes, nuts, almonds, dry fruits, walnuts in your daily diet. Reduced glucose and cholesterol levels coupled with better digestion, less bloating and better digestion are some of the ancillary benefits of whey. It’s a great tasting protein supplement that you would love to consume in solid and liquid form with milk, shakes or just as a protein drink.